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Autism Assessment Diagnosis Treatment


Autism Spectrum Disorder is a term which has different connotations for different people, and can be an extremely daunting and anxiety provoking term for families.

We are trained in the administration and interpretation of the ADOS-2 Autism Diagnosis Observation Scale, 2nd Edition. This is a standardised tool which takes the child or young person through a specific set of activities in order to identify any characteristics which may be indicative of Autism Spectrum Disorder. In addition, we also administer the ADI-R (Autism Diagnosis Interview- Revised) which is an in-depth developmental interview with the child or young person's primary caregiver. The information from both of these assessments, plus wider clinical observations and information gathering, can help to develop a picture of whether or not an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis would be helpful for the individual.

Unfortunately, waiting lists and the length of the Autism assessment process can be prolonged in some local services. We endeavour to work with these services to increase the efficiency of this process, which can be a stressful and worrying time for the individual and their families. Early intervention and targeted support provides the best long- term outcomes, and subsequently it is of crucial importance that this process be as efficient as possible.

Having formal qualification in administering the ADOS-2 and the ADI-R, we are best placed to consider how clinical diagnostic criteria are influenced by an individual's sensory processing, speech and language development, and play skills. We have extensive training in Sensory Integration Therapy and Sensory Attachment Intervention, which means that with this unique combination of skills we are able to interpret assessment findings within the broad context of these expertise. This can improve the accuracy of the assessment process; and more importantly the support plan moving forwards.

All of our evaluations and assessments for Autism in children and adolescents are conducted within one of our specialist research facilities , within the context of play. We use a combination of interview, observation, standardised and non- standardised assessments in order to develop a thorough understanding of the individual and their needs.

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