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Speech and Language Therapy


The Speech and Language Therapist can provide appropriate assessment, advice and interventionfor any impairment of speech, language or communication which may occur due to a
developmental delay or specific disorder or be acquired through injury or a degenerative process

Areas which may be affected are as follows:

  • Verbal comprehension understanding of spoken language
  • Verbal expression and use of spoken language, i.e. vocabulary, sentence structure/meaning
  • Intelligibility of speech, use of speech sounds, prosody, i.e. intonation
  • Fluency of speech
  • Oral-motor control for speech – verbal dyspraxia where the child has difficulties in making and    coordinating the precise movements necessary for the production of spoken language, in the    absence of neural or muscular damage.
  • Associated language areas: symbolic development
  • Auditory memory & processing
  • Communication skills: use of interactive verbal and non-verbal skills  e.g. use of gesture, facial    expressions
  • Contribution to the assessment and treatment of feeding difficulties

Many children who present to a Speech and Language Therapist may have a speech disorder which is not straight forward and progress from therapy is often slow; often their presentation is inconsistent and difficult to diagnose

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General Information on Individual Therapies (PDF Download)

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Speech and Language Therapy

Childrens Speech Therapist

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